Plan for safe and affordable elder care, at home.

At-home care requires support from family members and other trusted people who are willing and able to devote time and attention to the elder's needs. To make home care succeed, plan how you will meet the medical and care needs of the elder. Work around incapacity, and maximize capacity, by re-thinking the way, shape and form of Activities of Daily Living:

PDF Click to read about Medicaid programs that pay for home care in Hampden County.
Under MassHealth regulations, how a married couple holds title to their assets is important to a successful application for Home and Communnity based services. Medicaid regulations have always put limits on the way the spouse of a nursing home resident holds ownership of assets. These regulations are becoming even more relevant to couples who have countable assets worth over $120,900. PDFClick to read Medicaid Nursing Coverage Numbers for 2017.

MassHealth now imposes these same asset restrictions on the spouse of the person who needs home care. Click to read PDF Home and Community-based Services Waiver-Frail Elder proposed regulations (scroll down to page 9). For most home care programs, the income of an applicant's spouse is not counted. PDF MassHealth Training Unit Update. Financial Eligibility Regulations.

If you are planning an extended commitment to care giving, be sure to look at all sources for home care payment and the effects on your own finances, now and in the future. Without propoer planning, people who provide long-term care could cause damage to their own physical health and even suffer serious financial consequences (including reduced Social Security, pension and retirement income) because of reduced time in the workforce. Time taken away from a career to care for a parent, as well as the expenses of elder care, can multiply a family's financial problems.

I can help you find ways to pay for at-home elder care with Veterans Aid and Attendance, Medicaid, and other resources. A Caregiver Contract is an important planning tool that protects everyone. Call (413) 567-5600 if you would lik me to help you plan.

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