Why do I need a written Caregiver Contract? 3 Reasons.

Family members who provide elder care at home can save their loved one from a nursing home admission. But without a written agreement, the family members may be setting themselves up for problems. Here's why:

Reason 1 Without a written agreement, the family member(s) providing the care are vulnerable. The Caregiver Contract I prepare for you recognizes and rewards the time and effort that you give to care, and helps to prevent arguments and misunderstandings among other family members who can't or won't help out.

Reason Two Without a written agreement, the elder (and others people involved in care such as physicians and health care providers) aren't sure about who is responsible to maintain the needed level of care. The Caregiver Contract includes a written organization of care and other services, that can be adjusted to your changing needs.

Reason Three Without a written agreement, the elder who pays a family member for care can be disqualified from Medicaid coverage if they need nursing home care in the future. The Caregiver Contract we prepare documents the compensation and services in a format that Medicaid can understand and accept.

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download PDF discussion of the Forman case The Forman Case, and who made Mon's breakfast? Understand why you need a written Caregiver Contract that Includes Fair Market Compensation for the Caregiver.

Call me if you want a Caregiver Contract that protects you and your family, and provides evidence of payment and services if a Medicaid application for nursing home care is needed in the future.


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